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If your 3 piece suite, sofa or favourite armchair is looking a little bit sorry for itself and in need of a little TLC, then look no further!

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Here at TWH Carpet Cleaning we provide an affordable and professional upholstery cleaning service. Our service is second to none and the results speak for themselves. Now is the time to call us and see how easy and affordable it is to rejuvenate your upholstery. Call us on 0151 357 2295 or email


1: Deep Clean

We are certified in upholstery cleaning and are educated and experienced. Upon a thorough inspection, we will determine the proper cleaning procedure for your specific needs.

From heavily soiled to light cleaning, our cleaning process is designed to restore your furniture as close to its original condition as possible.

2: Deep Clean & Protect

Once your upholstery has been deep cleaned we will then treat it with a stain protector which will help to prevent any spillages that may occur from becoming permanent along with making it easier for you to maintain.

Key Advantages of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

The benefits of having your upholstered furniture cleaned professionally are tremendous! Who likes sitting in filth? Who enjoys seeing stains all over their white couch? Who doesn’t feel good about cleanliness?

Getting your upholstery cleaned is a great investment for your home, your health, and, of course, your furniture.

Chances are you have spent a pretty penny on your favourite sofa. You love that sofa. Its comfort had you the first time you sat down in it. Its style had you at hello.

Wouldn’t you like to extend its life by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis? Regular professional cleanings will end up saving you money and heartache when your favourite couch looks, smells, and still feels good after all of those years… because who really wants to have to replace that special couch due to poor maintenance?

When your upholstery is cleaned, the soils that contribute to breaking down the fabrics are broken down and rinsed away. If these soils aren’t removed, they’ll erode the fabric of the upholstery and cause tears, wear, and sometimes even holes. Plus, soil looks unsightly, especially on light coloured fabrics.

Another benefit professional cleaning is the healthiness of your upholstery. Did you know that dust mites live not only in our mattresses and our carpeting, but also in our upholstery? That’s right. I would be scared too!

Humans shed so many skin cells every day, and dust mites love to feast on these dead skin cells. Dust mites are provided with a constant food source and, thus, they keep multiplying, eating, and…defecating on your couch!

Yes, that does sound bad! The faeces of dust mites contains allergens that affect humans.

It’s pretty simple: having your upholstery cleaned regularly is a smart, clean, and healthy thing to do!

Have you ever seen a couch just after it was cleaned?  Wow! They really come back to life. Especially for those of us with dogs and children. Couches can really take a beating! How nice to see a bright and shining couch come out from under all of that filth that accumulates on them over time.












Have your upholstery cleaned with TWH Carpet Cleaning and discover what it’s like to live again!

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